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   Financial planning is the process of evaluating your monetary goals and priorities, then creating a plan designed to help you get there.  All aspects of your financial future are considered and addressed:  funding college for your children, planning for your ideal retirement scenario, the possibility of financial assistance to parents in declining years, purchasing a vacation home, and so on. 

   The financial planner begins by reviewing your current income, assets, debt, and resources.  Then after discussing your future plans, your opinions and thoughts on investment strategies, and your willingness or hesitation to absorb investment risk, you are presented with strategic recommendations and/or a comprehensive plan tailored to your personal financial situation.  Most importantly, your financial planner takes the time to explain all facets of your plan, so you can be comfortable with the strategies you choose.

   Whether implementing a simple savings plan, or forming a complex comprehensive financial plan, scheduled periodic reviews help keep your finances on track for your goals.  Life events such as the birth of a new child or the passing of a loved one, marriage or divorce, or a job change, can greatly affect your financial situation.  Adjustments are made to ensure your plan stays on track. 

   If you are considering your financial future, have questions about how best to reach your retirement goals, or would like a second opinion on your current financial plan, contact us today to start the process.

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